Vitamins will take effect after a week

The ingredients of the vitamin in the vial will become useless after just one week of opening under the influence of humid environments, experts claim.

Even keeping them in sealed jars does not prevent the quality of vitamins from deteriorating. Food scientists have discovered that crystalline substances such as vitamin C, some B vitamins and other dietary support vitamins are highly variable during reversal or melting.

This means that with high air humidity in the kitchen or bathroom, the necessary nutrients can be easily decomposed in the air. Lisa Mauer, associate professor of food science at Purdue University, Indiana, USA, advises storing vitamins in a dry place. 'You can see salt or block sugar around the drug, which is a sign of melting , ' she said.

Picture 1 of Vitamins will take effect after a week

Vitamins will be easily lost after a week of opening the vial.

This process can create chemical instability in the drug, reduce the quality and 'life cycle' of the product, as well as reduce nutrient supply. Professor Mauer said: 'Opening and packing vitamins will change the atmosphere in them. If you open a vial of vitamins in the bathroom, you put in some moisture. And within a week, you can completely lose vitamin C in some products. '

The study, published in the Journal of Chemistry and Agriculture, also showed signs of drug degradation, that is, the steam in the bottle or the appearance of black or brown spots on the drug coating. 'This does not have a serious effect, but using such pills will not work as expected , ' Mauer said.

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