What car is Mogas 95 used for?

After a long wait, domestic consumers can now buy better quality gasoline - Mogas 95 in many gas stations. So how is Mogas 95 really different from Mogas 92 and 90 and does it meet the fuel needs of many cars currently in circulation?

Gasoline 95 is better than gasoline 92, 90?

There is no need to discuss the diversity of energy sources used in modern cars: gasoline, oil, electricity, hybrid hybrid engines, clean vehicles using fuel cells or solar power. All can be used for cars today. However, new energy sources still have to accept the role of fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel.

According to the development process of the internal combustion engine industry, gasoline is also gradually improved as a mixture of components. With the continuous growth of the automobile industry. Today indicators such as Mogas 90, 92, 95, 98, 100 . gradually become familiar to people using motorcycles and cars. In which 'MOGAS' stands for Motor Gasoline, meaning commercial gasoline for engines. As for the numbers 90 and 92, 95 are the number of snail - tan RON leaves of gasoline and are also indicative of gasoline 's anti - knock ability. The higher the number of snail-tan values, the greater the resistance to detonation. And it is exactly the percentage of the volume of izo-soluble (C8H18) in the test sample of izo-molasses and n-heptane (C7H16) measured by anti-knocking ability according to different test methods. Thus, if comparing directly to the three types of gasoline currently sold in the Vietnamese market, Mogas 90, 92 and 95, Mogas 95 gasoline has the best anti-knocking ability. In addition to the obvious advantage of high octane value, 95 gasoline also has many advantages compared to gasoline 92 and 90 in terms of technical characteristics.

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Real gasoline and pseudo gasoline

There are already high quality RON 95 gasoline, of course the market will have 'high quality fake' gasoline. From a certain point of view, gas buyers still click their tongues, greasy, gasoline 90, 92 or 95 something . that kind of thing, so long ago, when using 90 or 92, you see the car dead. Indeed in a short time it is difficult to see the consequences of improper use of gasoline. But for engine designers not so! Gasoline engine belongs to a type of forced combustion engine, so people always find solutions to avoid detonation.

What is the phenomenon of detonation? For gasoline engines in general (carburetor or electronic fuel injection), the combustion process comes from sparks. Sparks produce the initial flame film (center of the fire) and then spread, burning the air in the combustion chamber. Normal fire has a spread rate of about 15 - 30 m / s. And when the fire is triggered by activating elements of the fuel under the impact of abnormal heat sources, it will create an explosion. The velocity of the flame spread due to self-detonation phenomenon (1500-2000 m / s) can be hundreds of times higher than the propagation velocity of a normal flame film (15 - 30 m / s). Therefore, the pressure and temperature in the combustion chamber will increase spontaneously, causing shock waves with a large frequency and amplitude to produce knocking, boiling water, reducing engine power and performance, especially causing damage. serious as machine bundles, piston . A basic thing is that the snail-tan value is closely related to the compression ratio of the engine, this relationship is proportional to each other. This means that the higher the compression ratio, the greater the amount of gasoline that has a snail - tan value. Therefore, when modern vehicles use gasoline with a lower value of snail - tan, the fuel consumption will increase, but the engine will not promote its full capacity and run without loading.

The sad point in the context of the current gasoline and oil in our country is that petrol and oil accidents still exist. If you notice when using a motorbike, you will see that there are many days when the car runs very smoothly. While the machine is sometimes very hot and hot, the gas feels like it's not as smooth as usual. Gasoline may be a cause of this situation. Gasoline fraud is quite diverse, in addition to finding ways to pump inadequately, many retail stores also mix gasoline together, such as mixing gasoline 90 with 92 then selling like 92 petrol to earn high profits. .

Some car repairers also said that gasoline was mixed with petroleum for sale, especially at some points selling gasoline along the road. Gasoline can now be purchased at many points, wherever there is traffic, there will be a gas plant growing up, a public, private, gasoline ' road guard ' . Most of us often fill up gas. by habit, choose gas station on the way from home to work. Or if the car is out of luck along the way, choose the nearest gas station to pump. Experienced gas buyers are different. They choose large gas stations, crowded customers, especially many types of cars filled with gasoline. In the case of ' reluctance ' such as running out of gas along the road, it is necessary to temporarily fill a reasonable amount to find reliable gas stations. So there are gas stations always crowded with customers, on the contrary, there are gas stations that are still ' lonely '!

Modern cars need premium gasoline

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Gas-solubility value of gasoline is one of the important factors determining the operation of the engine. Using the right gasoline to keep the engine running smoothly, healthy and lasting is the top requirement for car owners.

The type of gasoline used for vehicles is usually given by the manufacturer in the technical manual for use. In addition, you can choose the right type of gasoline if you know the type of engine on the car you have compression ratio like. The research works on gasoline have given the optimal relationship between engine compression ratio and snail - melt value measured by RON method (refer to table 1).

Table 1

Compression ratio

Optimal number of snails - tan (RON)

Compression ratio

Optimal number of snails - tan (RON)

5: 1


9: 1


6: 1


10: 1


7: 1

eighty seven

11: 1


8: 1


12: 1


The table above shows that the presence of 95 gasoline will respond well to the type of vehicle whose compression ratio is in the range of 9: 1 to 10: 1. Regarding cars, most new and assembled cars in the country often have compression ratio of the upper band (refer to table 2). Regarding motorcycles, except for the Piaggo model, most of them have a compression ratio smaller than 10: 1. In principle, gasoline has a high rate of snail-fueling, but it can still be used for cars with low compression ratios, but will not be profitable and uneconomical.

Specifically, if using gasoline 95 vehicles with low compression ratio, operating at speeds not exceeding 50-60 km / h, or vehicles with a capacity of less than 70 cc . also do not increase capacity and operational efficiency. . But it is not advisable to use gasoline with a low value of solids and solids for vehicles with high compression ratios, because there is no benefit when vehicles operate. That's not to mention the harmful emissions caused by improper use of gasoline. Has sold gasoline RON 95! This is a good news to reassure those who use cars and motorcycles of high-end models such as BMW 7 series, Porsche Cayenne, Lexus GS 430, Mercedes S - Class and motorcycles such as Piaggio, Honda Dylan, @ , SH .

Table 2

Range of vehicle

Compression ratio

Toyota Camry 2.4

9.5: 1

Toyota Camry 3.0

10.2: 1

Toyota Land Cruiser

10.2: 1

Mazda Premacy

9.2: 1

Ford Escape XLT 3.0

10.0: 1

Ford Modeo 2.5

9.7: 1

Mercedes - Benz E240 2.6

10.2: 1

BMW 318iA 2.0

9.7: 1

BMW 525iA 2.5

10.5: 1


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