Why are tile floors peeling?

According to construction experts, peeling bricks are a common phenomenon in many civil works, with the location being broken though many times removing the tiles.

Typically, slag tiles may be caused by uneven slices, mixing mortar without strength, non-stick bricks. People travel a lot, over time cause peeling bricks.

In addition, if the house is close to the road, a large load vehicle can vibrate the house, causing the floor to vibrate, resulting in tile flaking. The temperature factor also affects but not much.

Picture 1 of Why are tile floors peeling?
Tile floor is peeling.

It is also possible that the design floor is not secured, the floor is sagging, causing cracked tiles on the lower or upper surface. Depending on where the tiles are, due to different reasons, such as heavy wall loads can cause sagging in nearby locations.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nguyen Hoan - representative of a company specializing in design and construction consultancy in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, said: "It is difficult for temperature difference to make bricks, even cooking on bricks. hard to peel.

In fact, in big buildings and supermarkets, there are air-conditioning systems, huge temperature difference, but there is no phenomenon of brick flaking.

Through experience, I think that the tiles slipping up or falling down are due to the unsatisfactory floor structure , the unstable housing structure, so that the foundation cannot withstand the water flow, like a coated cake if there is seepage the water will be sagging, the building will shake, which is one of the many reasons that lead to brick break.

There is also another possibility: earthquakes, then, the upper floors will vibrate and shake the most. However, to check if the floor is sagged, the engineering team must measure it with a laser to conclude. "

Some other opinions from engineers that tile tiling too may cause tile peeling, when paving about 5m, leave an expansion slot; and the few moves may be due to brick blisters, improper plastering .

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