Why jointing finger pain?

Finger joint pain has many causes and inflamed finger joints will cause difficulties in daily life due to joint pain and deformity.

Inflammation, pain in the finger joints: Causes, symptoms and treatment

  • Inflammation, joint pain is what disease?
  • Causes inflammation of painful joints of fingers and wrists
  • Symptoms of arthritis finger pain
  • Treatment of finger joint pain
    • 1. Treatment with medication
    • 2. Treatment with traditional medicine
    • 3. Treatment with simple exercises

Inflammation, joint pain is what disease?

Osteoarthritis is generally referred to as OA , which is the phenomenon of cartilage in the middle of joints being worn down to the extent that bones are rubbed against each other when there is no middle cartilage. Too much friction between the joints leads to inflammation and pain, and the joints are now hardened.

Finger joint disease is the most common location of arthritis in the joints in the human body. They usually occur at the tip of the finger (DIP), the coupling between the fingers (PIP), the wrist joint and the thumb.

Although this is not a life-threatening disease, this situation, if prolonged, will cause negative effects on daily life. Complications of osteoarthritis can occur are hand deformation, loss of motor function, muscle atrophy, the most dangerous is permanent disability.

Causes inflammation of painful joints of fingers and wrists

The main cause of this condition is the aging of the joints. The process of bone wear and tear over a long period of time causes chronic inflammation and joint pain in the fingers. In addition, the disease may occur due to the effects of external forces directly affecting the knuckles.

Factors that increase your risk for common finger arthritis:

  • Genetics : When you have a family history of osteoarthritis or arthritis in your family, you should be careful because you are also at high risk for this disease.
  • Age: The elderly have a very high rate of arthritis pain, so it is necessary to protect the health of bones and joints carefully to limit the risk of hand arthritis.
  • Gender: According to statistics, the number of women with arthritis in fingers is much higher than in men.
  • Work: Workers, office workers, people who have jobs that often need to use their wrists and fingers to carry or type computers for long periods are susceptible to the disease.
  • Injuries : Dangerous injuries in the areas near the knuckles that can cause the symptoms of finger joints.

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Too much typing is also a cause of inflammation, pain in fingers, joints and wrists.

Symptoms of arthritis finger pain

When the knuckles are healthy, the cartilage at the end of the metatarsal allows you to perform activities more easily. When you have arthritis of the hands (wrists, fingers), these cartilage will degenerate and lead to joint pain, stiffness . Most patients in this case will experience symptoms of inflammation, pain. Finger joints are accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Pain occurs in varying degrees at the site of inflammation, and the pain increases if you move your hand.
  • The grip on your hands weakens or loses control of the grip of your fingers.
  • Swelling and pain in the knuckles, swelling around the site of the finger joint.
  • The movements of the knuckles will be limited, less flexible.
  • Severe joint pain every morning when you wake up.

Treatment of finger joint pain

There are many ways to treat arthritis of the hands today, depending on the situation of each patient that should apply appropriate treatment.

1. Treatment with medication

When you visit a hospital and are diagnosed with arthritis by a doctor, your doctor will usually prescribe medicines for you. Some commonly used arthritis medicines are:

  • Painkillers : naproxen, Ibuprofen, .
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs : indomethacin, diclofenac, oxicams .
  • Injectable corticosteroids : apply to some severe cases

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The pain will increase if you move your hands, so look for appropriate treatment.

2. Treatment with traditional medicine

Herbal remedies that help reduce inflammation of the finger joint are very effective and safe. Because it is extracted from medicinal herbs in nature, not only does it not adversely affect the health of the patient but also helps improve the health of the patient.

  • Relieve arthritis with scratched grass : Prepare raw materials of about 200g of scratched grass and bring clean, diced. You can leave it to dry or leave it fresh to use. Take 10 -16g daily to get water to drink, which will quickly improve the inflammation of the hand joints.
  • Medicinal from guise leaves : Prepare about 250g guise leaves, bring clean guise leaves and exposure to dry wither. Then bring the leaves of guise leaves with clean water for about 30 minutes. Next, remove the pot of water from the pot, warm and leave it to use after dinner. Note implementation persevere using about 20 days to see the therapeutic effect.

3. Treatment with simple exercises

Exercises performed to support the treatment of gentle finger joint pain reduce pain and swelling caused by finger joints.

  • Finger joint exercises: Bend your fingers all the way down, then straighten your fingers. This simple exercise, repeated repeatedly for about 10 minutes a day, will help you improve your finger joint health.
  • Fist exercise : Clench my hand into a fist and stretch out slowly. Pay attention to work slowly and slowly, effectively reducing pain.
  • Finger touch exercise : Use your thumb to touch the other fingers one after the other. Practice persistent exercise, but when you stretch your fingers and it hurts, stop.
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