Will Loch Ness monsters appear in Scotland again?

A tourist has captured the scene on Loch Ness, Scotland, appearing a strange object like controversial Loch Ness monster over the years.

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Lake Loch Ness monster reappears

Connie Ross, 50, along with her daughter and niece walking around Loch Ness (Scotland) to record the best pictures, suddenly encountering a strange object like the Loch Ness lake monster (usually called Nessie) jutting out of the water. She tried to record this rare moment.

Picture 1 of Will Loch Ness monsters appear in Scotland again? Strange objects protrude from the water that tourists consider to be Nessie monsters in Loch Ness like legends.

Connie Ross saw a black hump rising from the lake. She rushed back in hopes of getting the most close-up movie, but that rare image quickly disappeared.

Picture 2 of Will Loch Ness monsters appear in Scotland again? Connie Ross (pictured) visits Loch Ness lake with 29-year-old daughter Reyshell Avellanoza (middle) and 5-year-old niece Heather Elizabeth (right).

Mrs. Connie said: "It was around 1:30 in the afternoon, I took the camera in my hand and Reyshell's daughter took a picture with her tablet when suddenly my granddaughter Heather pointed to the strange creature that came up on the water. It looked like one. We had a deep water on the lake, we were all mesmerized, we forgot to take a picture, and when the filming started, the strange monster had sunk, leaving a whirlpool. water " .

"I believe in this strange monster and for my family this is a great moment. If a little faster, we would have been able to get better pictures," Ms Connie added.

However, it is only when someone has better visual evidence that the mysteries of Loch Ness monsters are answered.

Earlier, in mid-January 2015, fossils of a new species with the Loch Ness monster were discovered in the island area of ​​Skye, Scotland.

The team named the newly discovered animal Dearcmhara shawcrossi , based on the first fossil discoverer, Brian Shawcross. Newly identified animals belong to marine reptiles like dolphins and grow to 4.2m long.

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