Shocking revelations about Loch Ness monster

According to new documents revealed, London plans to shoot down Nessie, the legendary Loch Ness monster to display the body in the London Museum.

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According to the file from the 1930s of Scotland that has just been revealed, the Londoners wanted to shoot Nessie to display the body in the London Museum and the Scottish side struggled to ensure that 'Miss Nessie' was safe north of the border. .

Picture 1 of Shocking revelations about Loch Ness monster
Photo proves that Loch Ness monster is not a legend.

These are revealed by author David Clarke in X-Britain's X-traordinary Files . He said: 'In the 1930s, Nessie became a symbol of Scotland, a symbol of national identity. There is an outrage at the monster's ability to be displayed in London '.

The investigation files found at the Museum of Natural History in London show that Scotland feared Nessie's safety when London's side hung the prize on the animal's head.

The document also shows that years later Prince Philip even asked to call the Royal Navy to search for Nessie.

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Prince Philip also believed in Nessie's existence and asked the Royal Navy to seek it.

While the Scottish desire to have enough time for the new law to protect Nessie was passed before the hunters found it, London allowed it to be shot down if the monster was seen.

In March 1934, an unidentified employee of the Natural History Museum in London kept his intentions hidden from the hunter: 'If you're ever around the scope of the monster, I hope I hope you will not hesitate to shoot straight at it and cold storage sent to us. Part of it, a leg, jaw or tooth is also welcome. '

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Hunt for Loch Ness monster in 1933.

According to documents found in Edinburgh, there are many requests to pass a law of Congress to prevent Nessie from being arrested or killed. The head of the campaign is MP Murdoch MacDonal, who assures Scottish Foreign Secretary Godfrey Collins that Loch Ness's monster is not a legend.

Murdoch MacDonal also requested a bill before Congress to protect Nessie, but Secretary of State Godfrey said 'there is no law to protect monsters'.

The Royal Scottish Museum wrote to Godfrey and said the museum had the right to revoke if and when to find the body of the animal.

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