Discover the hiding place of Loch Ness monster monster?

A former British fisherman has just discovered a trench that is more than 270 meters deep on the bottom of Loch Ness lake, suspected to be the shelter of the legendary monster.

Using the underwater locator with advanced ultrasound, Keith Stewart, a 43-year-old cruise ship navigator, discovered a relatively large crack in Loch Ness , east of Inverness, Scotland.

According to the British press, the deepest lake in the country - Loch Morar, 310 meters deep is also believed to be home to another rare "hottie", called Morag. Loch Ness, meanwhile, is the second largest island in the misty nation, with a long-established depth of 248 meters. However, the results of the Loch Ness bottom trough measurements with Stewart's underwater locator device revealed that it could be as deep as 271 meters.

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Loch ness Lake Underwater - The place is believed to be the hiding place of Nessie monsters.

Mr. Stewart's colleagues at Jacobite tourist carrier named the newly discovered trench as "Kate's Area" . The man said the incident prompted him to find more secrets that Loch Ness water might be hiding.

Mr. Stewart said: "In the past, I wasn't really a believer in monsters. However, two weeks ago, I had an ultrasound image of what looked like a long object with a The hump is on the bottom of the lake, it's not there when I scan the lake bottom afterwards.

This stimulated me and then I discovered this vague shape, in the middle of the Clansman and Drumnadrochit hotels, eventually a long crack. I measured it with an underwater locator with advanced 3D ultrasound at a depth of 271 meters, which is 23 meters deeper than the previously recorded record. I don't know how long it is, but I have returned to that abyss many times and validated my measurements. "

Pilot Stewart said, he discovered a crack just a few hundred meters from the shore, while previous navigational studies focused only on the middle of the lake.

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The image is said to be Loch Ness monster.

Gary Campbell, president of the Loch Ness Monster Monster Club, commented, Stewart's discovery could provide evidence of Nessie's hideout with its entire family, as well as helpers. Why do we rarely see them?

"Remember, Loch Ness belongs to a large earthquake fault line that runs from Canada to Norway. In 2013, there was a 2.4 magnitude earthquake in the lake. This is when Nessie disappears. all year for the first time since 1925. Probably, the earthquake has opened the aforementioned crevices, creating the legendary monster a new shelter. Loch Ness, which no one has done for more than 10 years, let the submarine dive to fully investigate the new crack, " Campbell said.

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