Loch Ness monster monster objects head up on the lake

The moment the creature has long curved heads and necks is very much like the Loch Ness lake monster recorded by a 12-year-old British girl.

Charlotte Robinson , a 12-year-old girl from Yorkshire county, recorded a Loch Ness monster monster suspect when she went on vacation with her family, Mirror reported on August 21. Charlotte's image is considered "the best quality Loch Ness monster shot in years".

Picture 1 of Loch Ness monster monster objects head up on the lake
Photo of creature protruding on Charlotte's Loch Ness face.(Photo: Mirror).

When taking a picture, Charlotte is at Loch Ness plateau in Invermoriston. The object is said to be a Loch Ness monster that rises above the lake, about 15 meters away. It floats on the lake for a minute before diving and reappears in a position 3 meters away from the old place after about 7 minutes.

Charlotte saw the creature at around 7 pm on August 17 and recorded it on the phone. " There is something under the water about 15 meters from the shore. Its neck and head form a hook. It is black. I don't know how much it hovers from the water. I'm not good at determining the distance. I I believe the Loch Ness monster is real but I want to see the evidence, ' Charlotte said.

Expert Steve Feltham, who has spent the past 27 years deciphering Loch Ness monster monster mystery, is amazed at the photo. " I was extremely excited when I saw this picture," Feltham said.

Picture 2 of Loch Ness monster monster objects head up on the lake
Charlotte took a picture of her vacation with her family.(Photo: Mirror).

Feltham was recorded as the most persistent Loch Ness monster hunter in the Guinness Book of Records."There is clearly an entity in the picture and a relatively clear photograph, which is useful for further research. There is an opinion that it is a seal, but I have never heard of seals in this year. According to. I mean, it's bigger than a seal or otter , " commented Feltham. This is the fourth encounter with the Loch Loch Ness monster.

The Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) is an unidentified animal or group of creatures believed to live in Lake Ness, the deepest freshwater lake 230m, near Inverness, Scotland. Nessie is often described as having a large body and a long neck. Most experts and scientists believe that the evidence of Nessie is not really convincing, which can be deceptive or misleading when observing creatures and natural phenomena.

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