Suspected Loch Ness monster disappeared

Official recorders of cases of Loch Ness monster appear to be concerned about not reporting any animal in the past 8 months.

Gary Campbell, Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register manager, records the encounters of Loch Ness monster monsters expressing concern when the number of legendary creatures dropped sharply after 2016, Mirror reported yesterday. .

"We are quite worried when there is an 8-month gap after the last discovery. Last year was the record year in the 21st century with 8 catches and then the Loch Ness monster seems to disappear. The more more unusual is that the most recent incident took place 19km from the previous case, and Nessie is often seen in the winter but it is more common in the summer, which is why we feel so weird. strange when nobody saw it since last August, " Campbell said.

Picture 1 of Suspected Loch Ness monster disappeared
Loch Ness lake monster is thought to have disappeared in the past 8 months.(Photo: Wikipedia).

"The reason for the discovery of Loch Ness monsters in summer is twice as high as in winter is that there are more people around the lake, the weather is longer and the weather is usually more favorable , " Campbell said. According to Campbell, 2016 is the year of the number of dramatic encounters with Loch Ness monster monsters due to the explosion of smart mobile phones and webcams. Two of the eight discoveries were recorded by webcam, including a networked witness in the US.

The latest discovery was on August 21, 2016, Ian Campbell, a government employee in Argyll, cycling along the west bank of Loch Ness Lake near Drumnadrochit with his son and a family friend. He took pictures of two creatures in the lake about 10 meters long from the shore.

On the same day, a holidayman also saw a dark dark similar object moving around the water near Urquhart Castle. He estimated the object at a distance of 732m.

Campbell emphasized that most discoveries that are not officially recognized can be explained."Any case that is proven to be staged or possibly explained later is removed from the list," Campbell explained.

According to Google, there are about 200,000 searches for Loch Ness monsters every month, and about 120,000 searches for information and accommodation near the lake. The mysterious creature is said to bring about $ 40 million in revenue to the region.

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