The image resembles the Loch Ness monster head

A mysterious event investigator recently published a picture that is believed to be a Loch Ness monster (or Nessie) poking its head up to the water.

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The picture was taken by Bright three years ago, when he went to Scotland to conduct investigations of the Loch Ness monster. Bright just happened to discover this a few months ago, analyzing thousands of related photos.

Picture 1 of The image resembles the Loch Ness monster head
The image is said to be a Loch Ness monster that is sticking its head to the surface.(Photo: North Pix)

Many people believe that this is just something related to natural phenomena, or visual deception. However, Bright hopes to discover more new evidence and find the answer.

According to Express, the mysterious figure in Bright's image is compared to the creature that Robert Rines described in 1972. Robert is the one who has spent his life searching and studying the mysterious underwater creature.

However, this American expert died in 2009, when no scientific evidence could be found that could confirm Nessie's existence. His photographs are considered to have the most clear and researched elements to date.

Nessie or Loch Ness monster is a group of unidentified animals or creatures, but is believed to have mysteriously appeared many times and sparked the curiosity of the world.

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