Research can prove real Loch Ness monsters are real

Results of DNA analysis in the country can help identify all creatures living in Scotland's lake, including the Loch Ness monster if it exists.

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The creature head on the lake is said to be a Loch Ness monster.(Photo: Fox News).

Biologist Neil Gemmell of Otago University, New Zealand and colleagues walked along Loch Ness Lake in Scotland on the "Deepscan" research vessel, named after the project that swept the lake with 1987 sound waves. During the trip, they took Water samples at three different depths in the lake to collect DNA.

The pattern of saved DNA comes from the skin, hair, scales of all living things, or mixed with water through their urine or feces. If the Loch Ness lake monster exists, the team could filter out its DNA among other species like dogfish and salmon. DNA samples will be sent to laboratories in Australia, Denmark, France and New Zealand for sequencing and analysis.

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Researchers took DNA samples from Loch Ness.(Photo: AFP).

Gemmell's team identified about 15 species of Loch Ness fish from DNA samples and 3,000 species of bacteria. They used DNA data to test hypotheses about Loch Ness monster monsters. The most common hypothesis is that it is a long-necked lizard-like reptile that remains after the extinction of dinosaurs 66 million years ago. Another theory is that the Loch Ness lake monster is actually a giant sturgeon or catfish.

"We have examined each hypothesis. We can conclude that three of them are incorrect and one is possible," Professor Gemmell said. He plans to announce the discovery in Scotland in July 2019. According to Professor Gemmell, the results will be unexpected.

Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) is an unidentified animal or group of creatures thought to live in Lake Ness, a 230-meter-deep freshwater lake, near Inverness, Scotland. Nessie is often described as having a large body and a long neck. Most experts and scientists believe that the evidence of Nessie is not really convincing, it can be deceptive or mistaken when observing creatures and natural phenomena.

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