Loch Ness's water monster appears again

A Scottish man has claimed to have captured the image he believes is the Loch Ness monster.

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Mr. Jon Rowe lives near Lewiston, Drumnadrochit accidentally captured the mysterious image of something rising out of the water that he believed to be the Sea Monster Lock Ness.

Picture 1 of Loch Ness's water monster appears again
The image of Rowe believes that he has captured the hump on the back of the sea monster Lock Ness

The fish farmer was stunned with the images he recorded and doubted it could have been the legendary Loch Ness monster still circulating for hundreds of years.

Rowe said: "It was a very strange morning. There was a fog, a little rain and the sunlight appeared at the same time. There was even a rainbow show up so I took the camera to take it and noticed This really big thing appeared in the dark lake with two parts rising out of the water. "

"Immediately I thought it was Loch Ness lake monster" - Rowe recounted.

He added: "I believe it is a lake monster Lock Ness. I work at the lake every day but I have never seen anything like that. Almost immediately after I finished shooting, Thursday The monster has sunk into the water right before my eyes. "

According to Rowe, 31, he didn't really believe the mysterious stories of the ancient humpback monster that lived on Loch Ness until he accidentally took the pictures.

Some say that the two sharp points sticking out in the middle of the picture in the photograph of Rowe are images of some birds hunting fish in the water. But Rowe insists that he never saw any birds crawling on the lake at that time.

Picture 2 of Loch Ness's water monster appears again

"It's pretty spooky, but I think it's really interesting," Rowe said.

Legendary stories about Loch Ness lake monsters began to appear in 1933 after a man named George Spicer and his wife claimed they had seen an unusual creature in this deep lake.

Soon afterwards, their story spread around the world and countless people flocked to Loch Ness Lake to hunt down and photograph a monster.

Even today, many people still believe that the existence of this ancient creature is real. Scientists have tried to use ultrasound, high technology to find traces of the creature, but so far, all have failed to prove that its existence is real.

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