Add the strange thing about Loch Ness

When measuring the change in water level at Loch Ness due to tidal effects, scientists found almost no change.

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Under the gravity of the moon and the sun, the water level of Loch Ness is famous for its mysterious beast that only fluctuates up and down about 1.5mm.

'If you are sailing in the middle of the lake, you will not be able to recognize the change so small. This phenomenon has never been seen in any lake in Europe ' , GS. Philip Woodworth of the British National Oceanographic Center wrote in an article published in the Journal of Geophysical Research.

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Loch Ness Lake is popular with a mysterious beast. (Source: BBC)

GS. Woodworth, David Pugh and Machiel Bos said that their precise measurements could be used in all other lakes around the world to understand the deformation of the earth's crust as a result of ocean movement.

Although no one can feel it, England is being raised and lowered by several centimeters in a 12-hour and 25-minute cycle due to the impact of the ocean. Loch Ness pencil-shaped lake is Britain's largest lake. And even though it is inland, it is still close enough to the North Sea to be affected by this rising and falling effect.

The researchers placed pressure sensors several meters below the surface at six locations. They then monitored water level changes for 201 days.

Due to the small fluctuation in water levels, researchers call Loch Ness a giant water gauge.

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