New evidence of Loch Ness monster monster?

Amateur photographer David Elder (50) has just taken a picture of a strange object under Loch Ness Lake that makes anyone think of the long-circulating monster in this area.

Photographer David Elder asserted at the time of his shooting, 'something like a black snake' gliding through the lake caused light waves.

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New photograph taken by photographer David Elder

David said this happened when he was concentrating on shooting a swan at Fort Augustus, southwest of the lake. The photographer from East Kilbride - Scotland said: 'From the far right of the field of vision, I come across a black area floating up to 5 meters long, forming a small wave. I'm sure this is due to the black underwater object. Before that, the lake's surface was still quiet and there was no ripple or any other activity. '

He said the water was turned off like someone was surfing, but there were no people at the time, and there were no boats on the lake.'It's something I can't explain,' says David Elder.

Loch Ness Lake monster (lake near TP Inverness in Scotland) is a controversial topic since it first appeared 80 years ago. The latest image of David Elder photographer may not be the most definitive evidence yet, but the followers of this monster will definitely not ignore it to create thrilling stories.

According to previous records, the first person to witness the monster was in 1802. It was farmer Anderson, who saw a very large monster, about 45 meters long floating on the water.

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Picture 3 of New evidence of Loch Ness monster monster?

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The image is said to have been a Loch Loch Ness monster before

In 1933, George Peter and his wife discovered a monster that looked like a water buffalo going into a lake but it was 100 times bigger than a normal buffalo. In May 1934, a local farmer saw the monster within 200m. According to him, the part exposed on the water surface of the monster is about 2m, its head is small but very flexible.

In 1934 Wilson's surgical doctor at a hospital in London - He also took a very clear picture of the Loch Ness monster.

According to statistics, in nearly 40 years, more than 3,000 people have seen monsters in Loch Ness. Especially, every description of the monster of the eyewitnesses is the same.

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