Hot: The mystery of Loch Ness lake monster has a solution

Italian geologist Luigi Piccardi thinks he can explain the mystery of the Loch Ness monster, Scotland.

>>>Found Loch Ness monster

The researcher thinks that people who insist on seeing the Loch Ness monster are actually just bragging. However, the information about seeing something unusual happening on this famous lake surface is completely grounded.

It is worth mentioning here that they mistook the Loch Ness lake monster with bubbles, raised by geological activities.

Dr. Luigi Piccardi explained that sometimes seismic activities in the Great Glen fault system under the lake occur.

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The image of the Loch Ness lake monster is actually just bubbles formed by geological activity at the fault point in the lake.

This makes the lake surface 'quiet' and may cause many people to think that some special creature is swimming very close to the water.

'There are many effects caused by geological activities at this fault point expressed on the lake surface. When the activity at the break point is stronger, one can easily see the effect of earthquakes on the water surface , "the geologist said.

And this is why many people insist on seeing monsters at Loch Ness.

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