Loch Ness Monster Monster returns after 18 months

Mysterious stories about Nessie Loch Ness monster always attract a lot of attention. In addition to the real blurry photos, many people use this story to redeem or scare others with corrected images.

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Recently, people have published a photo of quite strange creatures swimming on the water in the south coast of Scotland. Many people believe that it is Nessie.

Picture 1 of Loch Ness Monster Monster returns after 18 months
The picture is said to be a Loch Ness monster.(Source: NORTHPIX)

Andy Dixon from Darlington took a photo via Apple's satellite map application.

Andy said he was excited after discovering Nessie: "I believe it is Loch Ness lake monster. It all happened casually. For a moment I saw something huge under the water and I was I immediately contacted Gary Campbell, a member of the Loch Ness monster research team. "

Gary said: "At first I thought it was a test submarine but at the size I thought it was Nessie. Now we can watch Loch Ness more by satellite. Image This will excite enthusiasts to explore, and the number of sightings of Nessie has dropped significantly during the transition period between centuries, and 2013 is the first time in 90 years people have not seen Nessie. It's great to see it again after 18 months disappear ".

Picture 2 of Loch Ness Monster Monster returns after 18 months
Is this really the Loch Ness monster?(Source: NORTHPIX)

According to previous studies, Nessie was first seen in 565 and it has been seen 1036 times in nearly 1500 years. However, there is also some information that Loch Ness lake monster was first known in 1933 in a local newspaper story. Loch Ness Lake is a freshwater lake about 21–29m deep, near Inverness in Scotland.

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