Direct update of the path of Typhoon Mangkhut

Super typhoon Mangkhut is heading towards the South China Sea and has a great influence on our country, and this is the solution to keep track of its path closely.

Super typhoon Mangkhut is entering our country, the preparation and rescue work has also been put in place to minimize the damage that this storm brings. For computer users, it is not the only solution that allows you to track the path and condition of super typhoon Mangkhut. Ventusky is the solution you will need.

Ventusky is a web application developed by the Czech Republic meteorological company InMetro, which allows users to monitor climate conditions, especially storms through updated data. Real-time proceedings via satellite content feeds and from hydrometeorological facilities around the world. So how useful is Ventusky, please refer to the following:

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Ventusky is provided completely free at the address'.Upon access, Ventusky will automatically identify the visitor's country and display the current weather status around the country.The information displayed is very detailed and fully supported in Vietnamese language.

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You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out on the map to facilitate monitoring of storm conditions and airflow.Through the options menu, users can request Ventusky to provide detailed information on rainfall, wind speed, forecast, . in the area of ​​interest.

Tracking weather information, especially about the current top priority, and Ventusky is considered to be one of the websites that provide the most reliable weather forecast in the world.

Next to Ventusky, you can enter to track the direction of the super typhoon Mangkhut.

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