Rescue 7-ton humpback whales stranded on Brazilian beach

Thanks to the rescue efforts of the local people, humpback whales were returned to the sea after 24 hours stuck on the sand.

More than 300 people shouted at the same time as trying to save a young humpback whale stranded on the beach of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ended successfully with the result that the animals were released to the sea in the afternoon of the same day, believe.

In the video, the whale swims back in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean in front of the crowd. Many people even burst into tears when watching the animal return home after 24 hours of stress.

The humpback whale weighs about 7 tons and was found washed up on the coast of Rasa in Armaçao dos Buzios, a resort about 193 km from the capital of Rio de Janeiro on the afternoon of August 23. Local people teamed up with JCB's excavator team to rescue the animal the next day, connecting each other from the sea to the whale.

Early on the morning of August 24, biologists at the beach said the whale had difficulty breathing but was still alive and trying its best to react by opening its eyes and moving. light. But they insist that the whale should not be pushed or shoved, as that action could hurt the animal's internal organs.

Picture 1 of Rescue 7-ton humpback whales stranded on Brazilian beach
People constantly pour water on their whales to keep it moist.(Photo: Bebeto Karolia).

First, rescuers believe that the animal will not be able to survive after trying to move all of it. After that, he suddenly jumped up and swam. When the 9.8-meter whale swam away, it raised its fins, seemingly to thank the life-saving benefactors or say goodbye.

During the morning, three excavators were deployed to rescue missions, with dozens of people using hoe shovels and continuously pouring buckets of water on the whale to keep it moist. Their plan was to dig a deep enough ditch around the young whale so that the seawater flowed in the afternoon, borrowing water to help the whale float.

Picture 2 of Rescue 7-ton humpback whales stranded on Brazilian beach
The moment the whale returns to the sea before the crowd cheers and cheers.(Photo: GDA).

The rescue team also tied the rope to the whale to pull it out of the sand pit with the help of two ships. But both ways do not bring results until the young whales move themselves and go further to the sea.

According to experts, humpback whales can get lost from the herd when they swim across the sea of ​​Rio to go to Antarctica. Migration usually takes place at this time of year."The animal does not have any scars or marks that indicate it collided with the boat. It may be traveling with her mother and getting lost due to strong waves in the past two weeks" , biologist Marcelo Rodrigues Tardelli speculated.

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