10 simple ways to get flies out of the house

Nothing is more annoying when your house and dishes are visited by "uninvited guests". In addition, flies can also carry bacteria and pathogens that they have been exposed to from outside.

Picture 1 of 10 simple ways to get flies out of the house
Flies spread diarrhea everywhere.(Photo: rentokil)

Here are the ways to get rid of flies effectively, according to the list of sites:

1. Prevent the food source and breeding grounds of the flies by keeping the house clean : Always clean the house clean; clean up crumbs of food in the kitchen; rinse dishes as soon as possible; cover trash cans; Put food in the refrigerator or cover the table .

2. Breed cats and dogs: Some cats and dogs like to catch flies, you can feed them to catch flies and eat flies.

3. Darken the room to evacuate the fly if it has missed the room: Turn off the electricity, pull the blinds to darken the room, leaving only a small exit to let the fly towards the light go out.

4. Use fly swatter: Available or you can make your own with a cardboard cover and a hard bamboo stick.

5. Using flies sticky traps: Available at many supermarkets and markets.

6. Plant trees, plug flowers and dry leaves to chase flies. Flies are very afraid of peppermint, lavender: They can be placed outside the door of the house or in the kitchen to prevent flies from entering. Or you can make flower bowls of various kinds such as cloves, eucalyptus, clover to prevent flies. Also flies don't like tomatoes. Put tomato pots outside the door or in the kitchen.

7. Using a vacuum cleaner: If you use a vacuum cleaner to attract flies in the house, you should smoke in the early morning or evening, when the slowest flies.

8. Make a fly trap with apple cider vinegar: Take a clean jar, pour apple cider vinegar into the middle of the jar. Close the lid tightly but remember to make a small hole in the lid, so that the fly can get in. If no lid is available, you can make the cover by cellophane and elastic band. Place the jar in places where there are lots of flies, flies like the smell of apple cider vinegar will get into the jar and not be able to get out.

9. You can also make fly traps with water bags, or a cup of water containing coins, place at places where a lot of flies appear: For example, when eating, you can place cups of water containing coins on the dining table, want flies not to come in, hang water bags with coins at the door. Remember the water must be real. Because the structure of the eye is quite special, when looking through the water, the fly sees deformed pennies, it will be afraid but not daring to approach.

10. Use fly sprays: There are a number of sprays used to prevent and kill flies available in supermarkets, markets . you can buy and use.