460 million-year-old arthropod fossils found

An amateur scientist discovered the fossil of a rare arthropod species in the wilderness of central Australia.

Amateur fossil hunter Patrick Nelson and his younger brother found fossilized arthropod fossils dating back to the Ordovician period while exploring the Amadeus Basin , central Australia, Daily Star reported on June 24. Previously, he had found 12 fossils but smaller size.

Picture 1 of 460 million-year-old arthropod fossils found

Photo 460 million-year-old arthropod fossils found

460 million-year-old arthropod fossils. (Photo: Daily Star).

Nelson photographed the fossils and sent them to a few friends who were also interested in paleontology. He decided to donate it to the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT). According to Dr Adam Yates, manager of the museum, this finding is remarkable because this is the first time that a fossilized arthropod fossil was found in the wilderness of central Australia.

"This discovery is great for us. Because there are not so many employees, we rely on amateur scientists to create an ancient Australian picture. There is no fossil like that. found in central Australia. We are excited to analyze this rare specimen, " Yates said. The museum will conduct more tests and may display fossils for all to observe, he said.

Arthropods belong to a group of invertebrates, accounting for about 75% of the animals on Earth. These include cockroaches, crabs, butterflies, beetles, scorpions, shrimp, spiders, blood-sucking ticks, termites and many other members. Arthropods date back to about 530 million years ago in the Cambrian period. They adapt to changes in the environment and still exist today in large numbers.

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