7 Wonders of the World ... computers

The world has just found 7 new Wonders, but it will be very flawed if the computer is ignored, the technology has completely changed the life of mankind. PC Mag magazine has just voted for 7 hi-tech wonders of the world.

The world has found 7 new Wonders, but it will be missing if the computer is ignored, the technology has completely changed the life of mankind.

7 hi-tech world wonders

1. Moore's Law

A law makes the technology world never stop. Year after year, thanks to Gordon Moore 's wisdom , the speed of microprocessors doubled (in fact, the number of transistors on a silicon board doubled) every 24 months.

This is a fact that everyone, from adults to young children should know and acknowledge.

2. Nintendo Wii

Small book size, but this simple gaming machine with this innovative motion control technology is storming the world. Wii sales far outstripped Sony's PlayStation 3 rivals by 5 times and there was no sign of slowing.

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Players are immersed in a lifelike world, light, easy to play but fascinating and passionate games. That's why so many machines are not enough to supply the market.

3. Apple iPhone

Apple's cricket won the iPod's position in the hi-tech Wonder World ranking . The hybrid device between the phone and this digital music player gives you the most trendy, advanced and stylish features available today, from touch screens to watching videos and playing high quality games.

The size and quality of the "glitter" screen is an important factor that helps iPhone reach the " wonder " symbol.

4. Apple Inc

A technology company never stands with rivals. Apple always has its own products unlike anyone else, but most notably the ability to create fever, rumors, paranoid unprecedented for those products.

Sometimes people have to wonder where does Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) come up with such wonderful ideas?

5. Microsoft Surface Computer

Twinkling and overwhelming as much as Apple's iPhone sensor handset, Microsoft's " Surface Computer " is about the same size as a coffee table.

Put a digital camera on it and you are surprised to see the image of "marching" from the machine to the computer surface without you needing to move your limbs. After that, you and everyone can drag photos around the table, rotate, zoom out, enlarge the styles . just by the movement of your fingertips.

Similarly, you can also "play around" with digital music files and other document formats. It is a creative product that has long been caught in the " Microsoft barren old man".

6. Laser beam

They are present in computer mice, in check-in counters, in robots, in optical drives, in countless devices familiar to your daily life.

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They appear as rainbow bands and make extraordinary things. They bring you high quality digital music and videos. Who knows what future applications will be in the future?

7. Flat screen

Flat screens have become so popular at the moment, that people forget the breakthrough and wonder that this technology created a few years ago. They helped people save millions of cubic meters of space and pushed the screen to the point of destruction.

They have opened up a whole new era of touch computing and tablets. Now, flat screens are stepping up to a new high, using brighter, sharper LED technology . With 1080p HDTV models, it's hard to understand why we can tolerate CRT radio for so long.

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