80% of the chances of people dying in 2100

That's the prediction of scientist James Lovelock 10 years ago. He envisioned the end of humanity, leaving only a few couples surviving in the Arctic at the end of the 21st century .

More than 10 years ago, when record high July temperatures, James Lovelock told The Guardian newspaper that 80% of human life on Earth will be destroyed by 2100. The cause is due to transformation. climate .

Picture 1 of 80% of the chances of people dying in 2100
Photograph of James Lovelock near his home on Dorset Beach, September 2016. (Photo: The Guardian).

James Lovelock was born on July 26, 1919, in the United Kingdom. July 26 has just turned 100 years of his birth. As a scientist, Lovelock's life was associated with innovations. He invented an electron capture detector (ECD), which could look for signs of contamination for several minutes, such as pesticides. That became the inspiration for Rachel Carson to write the book " Silent Spring" in 1962.

At 100 years old, Lovelock's imagination was still very rich. In his new book "Novacene: The Age of Hyperintellect" - written, 300,000 years of human dominance on Earth are about to end. And people will suffer bad fate: can only survive in the Arctic, becoming the 'pastime' of robots who can think 10 times faster than humans. At that time, people were retained only to ensure the temperature could survive for these intelligent minds.

His idea of Novacene dates back to 1970, when he was working as an advisor to NASA, thinking that the planet is a super-creature. In addition, some of his inventions were applied by NASA in their planetary exploration program. In 1974, he and biologist Lynn Margulis proposed the Gaia Hypothesis, suggesting that Earth is a living being in some way.

In "The Revenge of Gaia," Lovelock argues that, because humans have exploited the Earth excessively, 'ladies' want to eliminate us, unless we treat them with more reverence. That's why the Novacene era began, Lovelock explained, because the super minds will realize that all life will be destroyed by the climate crisis and take action with Gaia to maintain the living.

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