9 rules to follow to have an easy life

Listen to the happiest country, everyone probably thinks of Bhutan. But for those who do not know, the countries in Northern Europe have for years been at the top of the happiest countries in the world - according to the UN ranking. Even the top 1 in the last 2 years belongs to Finland, not Bhutan as we think.

The secret to a happy life

  • 1. Always plan ahead
  • 2. Live an active life
  • 3. Buy items made from local
  • 4. Separate work and relax, time is up
  • 5. Never rush
  • 6. Eat healthy, nutritious
  • 7. Take . steam baths
  • 8. Focusing on environmental protection
  • 9. Respect private space

"Happiness" here is assessed based on many factors: health, property, prosperity, satisfaction with daily life . But what is the secret to helping Nordic countries to live a life that makes the whole world so jealous?

Not much at all. They are happy because people follow certain rules, and they make their lives easier than ever.

1. Always plan ahead

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One thing in common in the Nordic countries, is that they always plan ahead for everything. People are willing to schedule appointments for a very long time - even up to a whole year, and they are completely comfortable with that.

For example, they can make veterinary appointments all month long, make dentist appointments for six months, book tours in August from January, or party at the beginning of the week. Science also recognizes that planning and scheduling can improve the quality of life for everyone and reduce stress levels.

To be able to manage your time well (in the Northern European way), try scheduling the opposite direction. If the end of the journey is to return home (11am for example), set the time back from this time, schedule a specific time - including travel time. Also, divide big jobs into smaller goals, so it's easier to accomplish them.

2. Live an active life

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The facilities and natural conditions in Northern Europe help people not be . lazy. Everyone must live a very active life.

For Scandivians (places of Northern European countries), climbing and walking becomes part of life, from children to the elderly. This may also be the reason why the majority of Northern Europeans are in good health. As in Norway, 77% of the population always feels in good health.

In fact, maintaining an active lifestyle is not difficult. For example, when you're on the phone, instead of sitting in one place, get up and walk while talking. This habit is not only good for your health, but also helps you focus more (by standing, instead of sitting). Or when taking the bus, do not rush to occupy seats, but choose to stand (unless too tired).

According to a study in 1950, experts surveyed the health status of bus drivers - who only sat all day - and the conductor (who had to travel often). As a result, the risk of heart disease of the driver wing is 2 times higher.

3. Buy items made from local

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Northern Europeans when shopping will prefer expensive products, but they will always choose home-made goods, because they believe in their quality. As in Finland, their appliances often have a special mark: a flag, showing that they are made domestically and meet the necessary standards.

This rule applies not only to food, but also to clothing, furniture and technology. Finns prefer products from the Marimekko brand, while Swedes buy IKEA.

4. Separate work and relax, time is up

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Norse people have almost no concept of working overtime. If a company asks to do it from 8am to 4:45 pm, with a 45-minute lunch time, Nordic people will do the same. According to the survey, in Norway only about 2.9% of the population work overtime. The rest of the time, they are for family, for personal interests, or simply for rest.

5. Never rush

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In modern society, being gentle is really not easy. But in Northern Europe, they do it.

Forget the scene of hustling on the bus to Northern Europe. Here, you will always find yourself standing in line calmly at the bus stop, because the rush is not shown out. Because haste, urgency will prevent you from enjoying the true taste of life.

This kindness is also manifested in many other areas, such as eating and drinking. Northern Europeans eat quite slowly, focus on enjoying the taste and focus on emotions. And no matter how humble they are, they are still among the most productive in the world.

6. Eat healthy, nutritious

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The Nordic people have a quite typical diet - taken from ancient Vikings: fish, berries, mushrooms, seeds and bread. They are all highly nutritious, healthy foods that help them maintain their cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

7. Take . steam baths

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It is a fact that Northern Europeans are extremely fond of saunas. After a while walking in the cold, Northern Europeans drop into the sauna - extremely popular, even present in many households.

As in Finland, with a population of 5.4 million people, there are also 3.2 million saunas. Studies show that steam helps relieve stress, fatigue, lower blood pressure and helps fight headaches, helping you to think more smoothly.

8. Focusing on environmental protection

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Norse people really respect nature. They always carry a bag to scavenge, whether they are at work or exercising. This habit is called "Plogging" - a combination of two Swedish words : "Plocka" - pick up, and "jogging" - walk fast / slow.

According to statistics from the Lifesum app, walking normally consumes about 120 calories / 30 minutes, while accompanied by scavenging can be up to 288 calories.

In addition, Northern Europeans also take care of drinking at home, thereby contributing to reducing waste plastic waste.

9. Respect private space

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The Finns have an unwritten rule, that if the double benches on the bus are already seated, they will usually choose to stand (even if there is only 1 person). Same with the benches in the park.

Separation is actually not bad. It helps you relax, relax your mind, improve concentration, and thereby even improve relationships with those around you.

Of course, being separate does not mean avoiding society. You can take time - about half an hour a day - to walk, ponder, make time for yourself. During this time, try turning off your phone, disconnecting from social networks, and seeing if your mood is getting better.

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