AIM-9 Sidewinder: The most dangerous heat-resistant rocket in the world today

A thermal missile is a systematic missile that guides it towards targets that emit infrared radiation (such as jet engine exhaust).

Infrared is a passive weapon guidance system that uses infrared (IR) light emission from a target to track and chase it. Extremely effective thermal missiles: 90% of the total US air loss over the past 25 years has been due to heat-resistant missiles.

According to the original report of the Economist, guided missile technology is one of the most expensive areas in smart weapons. AIM-9x thermal missiles cost $ 603,817.

Picture 1 of AIM-9 Sidewinder: The most dangerous heat-resistant rocket in the world today
AIM-9 Sidewinder thermal missile.

The most dangerous heat-resistant missile in the world today is the US AIM-9X, which has fast flight speed and accurate infrared probe. It was dubbed the "fire of the sky".

AIM-9X is equipped with thrust vector control motor combined with nose fins for high maneuverability in a narrow range. Advanced infrared sensor with a viewing angle of up to 90 degrees is compatible with the pilot flight helmet targeting system that allows eye-locking target.

The AIM-9X rocket began testing in 1999. The initial mass-production process was low in 2000. The US military began using it in 2003. The missile is 3 meters long, diameter of 0.172m, wingspan of 0.44m, weight of 85 kg, maximum range of 35 km.

The AIM-9X is rated by the world military as one of the world's most powerful infrared air-to-air missiles.

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