Aliens spacecraft fell into the desert in America?

Netizens in the United States are transmitting a video recorded from Google Earth with a triangular object like a spaceship.

This spaceship-like object was released in the Nevada desert and was dropped in this desert about a year ago.

'It's like a spaceship landed and hidden in the desert,' commented a netizen.

Meanwhile, some comments suggest that this is a spaceship crash of a long time ago but no one knows.

According to the images from the video, strange objects with strange triangular structures stand out from the surroundings.

Picture 1 of Aliens spacecraft fell into the desert in America?
The strange triangular object is said to be a spaceship in the US Nevada desert.

In particular, this discovery lies in the same area as the famous US. Therefore, many people believe that it is an alien spaceship.

The person posting the video is quite careful when using online tools to 'measure' this object with a length of about 1,262 meters.

Right now, after being uploaded, this video attracted the attention of over 7,000 visitors.

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