Ancient traps for 150 years still kill mice effectively

A mouse stuck and died in a 150-year-old trap displayed at the museum in England.

The Museum of Urban Life in Reading, England, received an email saying a rat died in the trap."Looks like a rat died in this trap. Animals are not mentioned in the museum database , " the email writer said.

Picture 1 of Ancient traps for 150 years still kill mice effectively
The 150-year-old trap kills a mouse.(Photo: Museum of Urban Life in Reading, England).

According to the museum, the mouse enters the trap in the gallery to find a warm place. The mouse sneaked through the guard room of the University of Reading, through the outside doors and museum staff to climb into the gallery. There, it found promising resting places, a paradise full of straw, wood and textiles. Among thousands of objects, he chose the right mousetrap, which was designed to destroy it 150 years ago.

This old mouse trap has no decoys. It was produced by Colin Pullinger & Sons of Silsey in West Sussex, England. This type of mousetrap was patented in 1861.

"Currently, the rat's body is still in the trap until we decide what to do with it. One option is to burial solemnly, or we will dry it and turn it into a permanent part of the trap. " , the museum manager shared.

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