Asteroids fly over Earth

A newly discovered asteroid flies across the Earth with a smaller distance than the moon's orbit but does not pose any danger to the green planet.

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Picture 1 of Asteroids fly over Earth
Asteroid illustration.(Photo: Shutterstock)

The asteroid named 2013 RZ53 , with a diameter of 1-3m, flies over the Earth at a distance of 230,800km. The distance is smaller than the distance of 384,600km from Earth to the moon according to data from the Massachusetts-based asteroid center, Livescience said.

Researchers have discovered 2013 RZ53 on Friday September 13, asteroids have been observed 34 times. The Asteroid Center uses observable information to create an animation, sketching the trajectory of the 2013 RZ53 in the solar system.

About science said that 2013 RZ53 is a member of Apollo asteroids flying near Earth. The meteorite exploded in the sky, the Russian city of Chelyabinsk was suspected of being in this group with a larger size of about 17-20m.

In early September, scientists and amateur astronomers sent data to the Asteroid Center and found 75 objects near Earth and two comets. This year alone, observers found 676 objects near Earth and 46 comets.