Breast lifting gown under the skin

Three British women underwent a new, revolutionary surgery, in which they were fitted with a 'breast enhancer' under their skin to resist the sagging of the first round.

The inner breast augmentation body consists of a fine silicone bra, solid under the breast tissue, and silk straps fixed to the patient's ribs to support the breasts. They are invisible under the skin and help women not to wear breast augments but still have beautiful pears of snow.

More importantly, the inventors claim, the new type of breast augmentation jacket does not cause leaks under the skin. This is a welcome piece of information after the silicon leak from French PIP breast augmentation bag can cause cancer, causing global shaking.

Picture 1 of Breast lifting gown under the skin
The subcutaneous breast lift consists of a fine silicone bra, solid under the breast tissue, and silk straps fixed to the patient's ribs to support the breasts.(Photo: Daily Mail)

The leading British breast plastic surgeon, Jian Farhadi, has conducted three surgeries to test the first subcutaneous bra at Guy's and St Thomas Hospital in London last week. Each surgery of this type lasted 45 minutes, at a cost of about £ 6,000 (more than VND 216.7 million), higher than £ 1,000 (VND 36.1 million) compared to the cost of conducting conventional breast augmentation surgery.

He is more likely to be free of this type of surgery for patients in the public health system who have undergone breast reduction due to treatment and patients with breast cancer. This type of surgery can be applied from next year, according to The Sun newspaper.

Although the new type of surgery is very welcome, experts require caution and call for more large-scale clinical trials to examine the long-term effects of under-the-skin bras on women. women.

According to Professor Kefah Mokbel of the London Breast Research Institute, the technique of subcutaneous bra surgery has been developed since 2007 and is a very interesting achievement. However, he stressed the importance of conducting comprehensive tests to assess all potential side effects for users, such as whether the breast augmentation jacket affects the 'double mountain' shape. Whether or not scarring in the long term or adjusting the silk straps attached to the ribs will negatively affect the owner.

Mr. Mokbel added: 'The sagging breasts depend on many factors, such as the woman's biological organ, the size of their lap, the number of births and other factors. Newly advertised techniques are a miraculous solution to dealing with the situation of sagging snow piles without leaving any scars. Even so, many women with sagging rings do not want to lift breast tissue. They require surgery to resolve the loose skin. Therefore, the new technique can be used concurrently with the current popular breast augmentation plastic surgery to reduce the risk of first-round sagging.

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