Chu Van An Teacher became the fourth Vietnamese celebrity to be honored by UNESCO

News from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that on April 16, the 206th Executive Council Meeting of UNESCO in Paris (France) passed a list of documents to request the UNESCO General Assembly to issue a resolution and celebrate the events. Outstanding events and characters.

Picture 1 of Chu Van An Teacher became the fourth Vietnamese celebrity to be honored by UNESCO
Chu Van An Teacher House

At this session, the record commemorating the 650th anniversary of the death of celebrity Chu Van An was passed along with 48 other records from 71 applications nominated by 41 countries. The criteria to be adopted by UNESCO include: in accordance with the ideals and missions of the UNESCO Organization in the fields of education, culture, science, information and communication, contributing to promoting peace and dialogue. culture, mutual understanding among peoples; At the same time each event, the nominating character must be widely influential.

The famous Chu Van An (1292 - 1370) was considered the teacher of every prominent era and teacher of Vietnam, spent his life in the teaching career, with the philosophy of humanistic education, regardless of wealth. poor, learn with practice, lifelong learning to know, to work and contribute to society. His thought not only affected many generations of Vietnamese but also contributed to the development of human values ​​in the region. His educational perspective has progressive values ​​beyond the times, close to the educational purpose of the world today.

UNESCO once honored the outstanding Vietnamese celebrities in commemoration of the 600th anniversary of Nguyen Trai's birth (1980), the 100th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh (1990), and the 250th birthday of Nguyen Du (2015). . According to UNESCO regulations, the 40th General Assembly meeting in November will officially issue a resolution and commemorate the outstanding events and characters of the world.

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