Coffee bodies will make fuel run cars

Now you can just drink coffee while waiting for your full fuel tank. But in the future you can also drink and pour coffee into a gas tank.

Scientists claim that a 'green' biofuel form made from ground coffee can be used to drive vehicles. About 10kg of coffee carcasses discharged by salons can produce 2 liters of biofuels. They believe that if this grows in size, street cafes like Starbucks, Café Nero and Costa Coffee could become competitors with oil tycoons like Shell, BP and Esso.

Picture 1 of Coffee bodies will make fuel run cars
Coffee filter is finished, the body can be used to make bio-oil to run car engine.(Photo: TL)

Researchers at Bath University, a top university in the UK, said ground coffee can be a sustainable fuel source for car engines. They tried to produce biofuel from ground coffee produced in 20 different geographical regions including caffeine-free coffee and caffeine-removed coffee. The study, published in Energy Fuels, found that - both robusta and arabica coffee - have the same relative properties and physical characteristics as fuel. That means all coffee carcasses can produce biofuels.

Scientists believe that oil can be extracted from the carcass by soaking them in an organic solvent before using a process to convert them into bio-oil.

According to Chris Chuck, author of the study, the study sheds light on the potential of coffee carcasses. He believes that coffee bio-oil can be produced on small-scale chains from coffee shops to supply tank trucks. These tank trucks can also transfer the coffee body to a bio-oil production plant for processing.

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