Detect fragments of 100 ancient swords

Scientists found a series of ancient sword pieces from the Viking era, which may have been used as markers of a warrior's grave.

Picture 1 of Detect fragments of 100 ancient swords
Several thousand year old sword fragments on coastal Estonia.(Photo: Forbes).

Pieces of the sword were discovered at two locations about 80 meters apart on the north coast of Estonia, according to Mauri Kiudsoo, an archaeologist at Tallinn University. This place also houses many ancient spears and hilts, Forbes reported on 12/10. They existed around the middle of the 10th century.

Based on the grip shape, the team determined this was the type of Viking sword used . They are very similar to the H-shaped Viking swords found in northern Europe. Experts believe they are most likely used as tomb markers or memorials for the deceased warriors. Swords and other personal items were often buried with the Vikings.

Picture 2 of Detect fragments of 100 ancient swords
Several Viking swords.(Photo: Vintage News).

The Baltic countries, including Estonia, are not as closely related to the Vikings as the Scandinavian peninsula. However, the north coast of Estonia is close to one of their important trade routes. Archaeological evidence suggests that Estonia underwent major changes during the Viking period, but this change is unlikely to be brought about by the Vikings.

Historians believe that Viking warriors often raided this place, even setting up trading posts and strongholds on the coast. Historical documents from this period are rare, but scientists say that they did not go further inland. Most of their items were found in coastal areas or on the island of Saaremaa, indicating that Estonia was an important transit place instead of a settlement. Ancient legends also describe the conflict between the Vikings and the locals.

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