Device 'strange' exploits the power

Wind power has become so familiar with the 3-blade turbine. But with a veteran of World War II this year, 89, his windmill equipment has no wings.

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Raymond Green, a resident of Jackson, Calif., Designed the wind tuner to work quietly and not harm birds or bats. Green's products are available in various sizes for household or industrial use.

This wind turbine looks like a portable speaker, weighing 20kg. The widest 78cm, 30cm internal swingarm, thanks to the outer grille and the inner swing, it does not harm birds or bats while operating. This prototype wind turbine prototype was patented. Green is not only operating in a narrower space than traditional three-sided equipment, but it is also very effective at lower altitudes.

According to Gizmag, the cost of producing a device of this kind is estimated at $ 550. To bring the product to market, Mr. Green has partnered with Sigma Designs, the process of finishing and production takes about 2 years.

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