Discover surprises about women who regularly use birth control pills

For many women, birth control pills may be

For many women, birth control pills can be "saviors," but many people worry that regular birth control pills will harm the body.

A recent study has yielded an unexpected result showing that the use of birth control pills from a young age may increase cognitive ability during menopause.

According to a study published in The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society , compared to those who did not take birth control pills, those who took the minimum pill during the 10-year period had a higher likelihood of awareness when they entered. menopause .

In this study, 830 menopausal women answered a series of questions like menstruation when, how many pregnancies, often re-use birth control pills .

In addition, they must answer both tests related to cognitive ability.

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People taking minimal contraception for 10 years will have higher cognitive abilities when they enter menopause.

When the researcher analyzed the results of this experiment, they found a surprise: compared to women who did not take birth control pills, women who took oral contraceptives showed better memory ability. , and have a high score on the test of ability to recognize the world.

In further analysis, they found that women who took contraceptives more than 10 years had higher scores.

This means that women who use birth control pills when young can maintain their intelligence status later on.

The written researcher reported that "early puberty, late pregnancy, long reproductive periods and oral contraceptives are related to later cognitive abilities".

However, there are studies that show that birth control pills also produce side effects, especially in terms of memory and cognitive abilities.

In 2011, a University of California study found that women who took hormonal contraceptives often remembered more emotionally for an incident, while women who did not use birth control pills often remember the specific details.

A 2010 study found that hormonal birth control pills for women affect the brain structure.

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Hormonal contraceptives for women affect the brain structure.

Researcher Belinda Pletzer of the University of Salzburg (Austria) and colleagues analyzed the brains of people taking birth control pills and those who had never taken birth control pills by morphological analysis from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

According to their research, oral contraceptives affect the regional structure that controls brain cognitive activity.

In addition, anyone who has ever used oral contraceptives knows that birth control pills can affect your mood . Although how the effect depends on each subject, some oral contraceptives have been shown to have a positive effect on improving symptoms of depression before menstruation.

Of course, if you want to clarify the effects of birth control pills with your brain, more research is needed. However, do not forget the main effect of birth control pills: can help you choose the right time to give birth.

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