Discover the amazing healing effects of ... egg shells

What you often remove when cooking - eggshell - can become a breakthrough material that helps patients with bone loss due to aging, cancer or trauma.

Research from the University of Massachusetts (USA) has successfully used inexpensive materials, or it can be said that the world as "scrapers" and a magic gel helps bones regenerate and recover at a level surprising level. In experiments, their unique eggshell gel made the severely damaged bones of animals harden quickly.

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Eggshell is not really a discarded thing - (photo: SHUTTERSTOCK).

According to the professor - Dr. Gulden Camci-Unal, an expert in chemical engineering, who led the study, the eggshell gel they recently invented in the future may be a cheap and effective technique for bone repair. Damaged in patients with aging, trauma or cancer.

Calcium carbonate , which constitutes a major component in egg shells, strongly stimulates the patient's own bone cells to quickly go from the cell-state to mature cells, and help the new bone to regenerate hard quickly.

How to make this "god " is also simple: crush the eggshell and mix it with a hydrogel solution with the main ingredient is gelatin, then cultivate the compound in the incubator.

Eggshell gel has surpassed animal testing in mice and scientists are completing a number of steps to advance clinical trials in humans. According to Dr. Camci-Unal, the process can be adapted to many other applications, such as restoring cartilage, tendons and teeth. In addition, microscopic particles from eggshells can be a tool to deliver drugs to humans.

According to scientists, this is also an environmental protection product because every year millions of tons of egg shells are released into the environment due to human food processing.

In 2016, a British research team discovered another egg shell's medicinal effect: a gel that speeds up healing in the skin, utilizing the proteins in eggshell that human skin also needs to recover feedback

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