Discovered 4,000 stone statues of 4,000 years old

The carved stone statues are humanoid with shoulders, neck and head quite pronounced, averaging 50cm tall.

Picture 1 of Discovered 4,000 stone statues of 4,000 years old
Humanoid stone statue in Finstown, Orkney.(Photo: BBC).

The first rock was named "Finstown Fella" due to the discovery in Finstown, Orkney, BBC reported today. Later, the archeological team found 8 more stone blocks. They are 50cm tall, built around 2000 BC.

Specialist Sean Bell said that the ancients created these stone statues by using sharp tools made from metal or stone to chisel."The small circular section on the largest stone statues looks very similar to the head, under some lighting conditions you can see facial expressions. However, we are not sure whether it was accidentally or intentionally carved like So, " said Bell.

Finding 9 humanoid stone statues at the same place has never happened. Before that, they often appeared alone. Some stone statues, rather than round and three-dimensional chiseled, look very flat, similar to the stone statues of the Links of Noltland archaeological site.

"We call them all ancient stones, but perhaps their uses are not the same. We have only very little information about these stone statues," Bell said. He hopes the discovery in Finstown will help experts understand more about them.

Stone statues can be used to represent human form, made for a practical purpose, or both."One theory is that rocks, especially flat ones, can be plugged into the ground and tied with strings on the neck, like a tent peg. Of course, when you think of figures, you start automatically. think about rituals and religions. Using flat stone statues to tie something can also be part of the ritual , " Bell explained.

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