The mysterious magnetic field covered 10 ancient statues 2,000 years

10 out of 11 giant sculpted stone statues or bodies excavated in Guatemala emanate from the school, confusing the scientists.

An international research group led by Harvard University (USA) surveyed 11 ancient statues on display at a square in the small town of La Democracia, near the Pacific coast of Guatemala. The statues represent the head or part of a human body, created in a giant size and looking very stout.

Earlier, when these strange artworks were unearthed, their dates were up to 2,000 years and a relic of one of the ancient Mesoamerican civilizations. They also detected signs of magnetism on the surface of the statues but could not understand why it appeared.

Picture 1 of The mysterious magnetic field covered 10 ancient statues 2,000 years
The colossus from the school is on display in Guatemala - (photo provided by the team).

In the new study, Harvard scientists used modern magnetometers to redraw the detailed magnetic field map of statues.

Scientists discovered 10 of the 11 statues have significant magnetic abnormalities and 6 of them have strong magnetic abnormalities. They believed that the stones had been infected by lightning from before being sculpted into statues.

The most special thing is that magnetic anomalies are aligned so that they fall into the right cheek or navel of the statue . In other words, it seems that the sculptor used the magnetic field to highlight the body parts they wanted to emphasize.

This finding reinforces the theory that early Mesoamerican civilizations were knowledgeable about magnetic fields and used magnetic objects for certain ritual purposes. They even understood and used magnetic fields before ancient civilizations in China, where magnetism - magnetism was first described in ancient texts 2,700 years ago.

According to the research team, the statues represent the ancestors of the ruling class and the physical signs used to express power based on their lineage.

The Mesoamerican is the common name for ancient Central American civilizations, extending from Central Mexico to Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and northern Costa Rica. In it, the most famous is the Mayan civilization.

Scientists have only revealed part of the interesting mysteries they have just exploited. The study will be officially published in the June issue of the Journal of Archaeological Science.

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