Discovered an ancient tank of 1,800 years in Jerusalem

The Israeli Antiquities Administration announced on November 22 that archaeologists have found an ancient tank of 1,800 years, possibly part of Roman baths, in Jerusalem's old city.

Picture 1 of Discovered an ancient tank of 1,800 years in Jerusalem An employee of the Israel Antiquities Administration at the excavation site in Jerusalem. (Source:

In a press release, the agency said the tank was found in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem during the process of building a new Jewish ritual.

This tank is used by the Roman 10th Army, possibly belonging to a collection of Roman baths in Aelia Capitolina, a city built in the 2nd and 3rd centuries.

Ofer Sion, head of the archeology team, said: " During the excavation process, we discovered a lot of bathtubs next to this tank. A pipe is installed on one side of the tank to fill it up. water into it. "

The symbols of the 10th Roman army " Fretensis " were also found on terracotta tiles and tiles, which proved the structure built by this army.

The discovery of the tank will help scientists gather important information about the scale of Aelia Capitolina.

Archaeologist Yuval Baruch stressed: " Although excavations have been carried out on a large area in the Jewish Quarter, archaeologists until now have not been able to find any military buildings. This group led us to a conclusion that Aelia Capitolina is a small city. "

However, this new discovery, along with the previously discovered traces, proves that the city of Aelia Capitolina is wider than what scientists have speculated.