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In 1982, the United Nations Science, Education and Culture Organization recognized the Old City of Jerusalem as a world cultural heritage.

Jerusalem is an ancient city in the Middle East that lies on the river basin between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea with a height of 650-840 meters above sea level. The city is located east of Tel Avic, south of Ramallah, west of Jericho and north of Bethlehem.

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Jerusalem is the common mecca of three religions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam . Jerusalem has a long history. According to Jewish mythology and legends, Jerusalem was built by David, the ancestor of Abraham's ancestor. According to archaeological relics found, life in Jerusalem began to exist from 3 thousand BC. Historical documents have been stored so far, indicating that the city was first mentioned in history around 2000 BC. Coming to Jerusalem anyone feels like he is lost in a mysterious holy place by every stone on the road to the moss walls that mark the history of thousands of years of this ancient mecca.

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Canaanites were the first people to build and found the city, but there were also documents written as Jebusites. At that time the city was the capital of the Jewish kingdoms: Israel, Judah and Judea . To the time of the Temple (First Temple and Second Temple) The city continued to play an important role as the Holy Land during the time of Muslim rule. Until today after thousands of years Jerusalem is still the most sacred city of Jews and has special significance for Christianity and Islam.

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One of the important locations of the ancient citadel is Temple Mount . The Temple Mount is located in the southeast of the ancient city of Jerusalem, this is a very important relic of Muslims. Al Haram Church with a golden dome image is a symbol of Jerusalem. Under this golden crest is the Beginning Rock - a large boulder of strange shape, where Muslims believe that Muhammad has since flown into the sky.

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Golden dome of Al Haram Church in the ancient citadel

Another very important place of Jerusalem is the Wailing Wall located on the west side of the city. After the battle with the Romans, the castle wall was destroyed and only a short piece of the wall remained. More than 2,000 years have passed since Jesus Christ was born, believers still flock here from all over the world to pray. The ancient and present Jews are very devoted to this wall, because for them this is a historical and national pride.

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The remaining city wall.

From 1948 to 1967, the western part of Jerusalem was administered by Israel as the capital of the country, while East Jerusalem was administered by Jordan. The city was reunited by the victory of Israel in the War, although at that time in the city there were still internal disputes,

Israeli law states that since 1980 Jerusalem is a permanent capital, not divided by Israel. Meanwhile East Jerusalen is said to be the waiting capital of Palestine later.Today, the location of the sacred areas of Jerusalem is still in dispute.

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With a population of 704,900 thousand people, Jerusalem is a city with many ethnic, religious and socio-economic groups. The area called " Ancient City " is surrounded by walls and consists of four zones: Armenian, Christian, Jewish and Muslim zones.

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