Discovering extremely rare footprints of ancient people 14,000 years ago

After a long period of research, archaeologists finally determined that the vestiges in a cave in Italy are human.

In Grotta della Basura , a deep cave near Toirano in northern Italy, a group of archaeologists made a surprising discovery that included some human prints and footprints on the clay floor of the cave. dating back about 14,000 years.

Dr. Marco Romano, a researcher at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, said that in the study of archaeologists want to see how ancient humans discovered this fascinating cave system.

'We began to discover how many people entered the cave, even if they discovered as individuals or in groups, their age, gender and the type of route they took in the cave,' Marco Romano said. said.

Picture 1 of Discovering extremely rare footprints of ancient people 14,000 years ago
Pretty perfect traces of ancient people in Italy.

To answer these questions, Dr. Romano and colleagues studied 180 traces inside Grotta della Basura, including hands and footprints on clay floors.

Scientists have applied various methods such as structural analysis software and 3D models.

'These approaches allow us to build a detailed study of how people come in and out of the cave, and their activities when they are in there,' said Dr. Romano.

The team found that there were about five individuals including two adults, a young man about 11 years old and two children of about three and six years old who went into the cave with bare feet and illuminated the road with wooden torches.

When analyzing different fingerprints, the team found that some of them seemed to be unintentional and only involved in cave exploration, while others were more deliberate and considered activities. Social or symbolism takes place in the inner room.

Dr. Marco Avanzini, head of geology at Italy's Trento Museum of Science, said the combination shows that our diverse approach to ancestral research has rusted.

'We hope our approach will be useful for drawing similar pictures about how people behave in other parts of the world and during different times' , Dr. Marco Avanzini pressed. strong.

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