Earth Day 2020: Joining hands 'Climate action'

Climate change is one of the world's biggest challenges in the future. Accordingly, the theme Earth Day 22/4/2020 was chosen by the United Nations as 'Climate Action'.

Earth Day 22/4 has been recognized by the United Nations since 2009, becoming an annual event organized worldwide, recognizing the value of the Earth's natural environment, calling for the active participation of Each person to join hands to protect the planet.

According to the UN report, by the end of this year, many countries are expected to promote activities to implement the national commitments signed in the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change. Therefore, from now on, it is necessary to call on people of the world to take creative and innovative actions together to address future climate problems.

The first Earth Day event held in 1970 attracted millions of Americans to join in, awareness about the protection of the planet Earth. On April 22, 1970, about 20 million Americans (accounting for about 10% of the US population at the time) took to the streets to march in many cities, along with student activities organized on campus. universities to oppose ignorance, environmental awareness and demand a new way to protect the planet. As a result, the first Earth Day was recorded as a launch event that promotes environmental protection movements and is now recognized as the largest civil event on the planet.

Picture 1 of Earth Day 2020: Joining hands 'Climate action'
The Earth Day 2020 event aims to build a new generation of environmental activists.

The Earth Day event also led to the passage of landmark environmental laws in the US, including the Clean Air Act, Clean Water and the Endangered Species Protection Act. Subsequently, many countries around the world responded and soon passed similar laws. In 2016, the United Nations chose Earth Day as the date for the Paris Agreement to implement the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) officially came into effect.

Hayes, who headed the first Earth Day in 1970 and is also co-chair of the Earth Day event, said that although Earth Day has had remarkable success in promoting push for change in awareness and progressive actions on environmental issues, but the Earth now faces an even more terrible global environmental challenge, from loss of biodiversity to climate change. climate, plastic waste pollution, . Therefore, it is necessary to call for action at all levels of government to take creative, innovative actions to address climate issues.

Ms. Kathleen Rogers - President of the Earth Day Network also said: The progress of the Earth Day program has slowed down, while the impacts of climate change have increased. Meanwhile, today we live in a world facing global threats that require a unified global response.

Accordingly, the 2020 Earth Day event aims to build a new generation of activists for the environment, attracting millions of people around the world to take actions for the environment and for the Earth.

There are many ways you can help protect and restore our planet, from participating in cleaning or participating in climate campaigns, taking part in scientific initiatives, or organizing an event. lawsuits in their community to protect the Earth are practical actions that need to be taken now.

Picture 2 of Earth Day 2020: Joining hands 'Climate action'
Planting trees to protect the Earth.

'The world needs you and your actions' is the main message of Earth Day 2020 to the whole world.

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