Exotic peach blossom blooms at early autumn

Cherry blossom trees in autumn are grown in the family garden Mr. Duong Xuan Nam (Soc Son district, Hanoi) attracted the attention of many people, after the image was posted on personal facebook.

Mr. Nam said that normally, peach blossom blooms in the spring, but strangely, this morning he woke up to see this species having flowers in autumn.

Picture 1 of Exotic peach blossom blooms at early autumn
Peach blossom in the garden of the people in Hanoi blooms on the morning of August 21.

According to Professor Le Tran Binh, former Director of the Institute of Biotechnology (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology), the appearance of fruits or fruits appears "no wonder ", because plants are reacting to the "unusual" climatic conditions .

"My family lilies normally bloom on April 30 or May 1, but this year it bloomed when it was in June-July. There are many other plant species that also exhibit such unusual behavior. like star fruit trees previously only had 5 zones but now can be 6, 7 zones, " said Professor Binh.

According to the professor, this strange change shows that climate change is having a terrible impact on nature . However, this is also a condition for the gardeners to create a fruit that contributes to the human life.

A botanical expert of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology also gave an explanation for this phenomenon due to weather changes. "If it is a natural phenomenon, there is no human impact, it shows that the climate is changing dramatically," he said.

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