Find out the cause of Lucy's death

According to the Sun, world media today unveiled the announcement of American scientists about the cause of Lucy's death - the human ancestor after 42 years of no explanation.

In 1974, scientists discovered the relatively intact fossil skeleton dating back to 3.2 million years (by the carbon-based method) of an Afar ape , northeastern Ethiopia.

Picture 1 of Find out the cause of Lucy's death
Simulation image of the ancient gibbon Lucy.

This fossil skeleton was named Lucy by scientists . According to scientists' conclusions, Lucy is an adult woman but still very young, not seeing any damage or signs of old age.

The cause of Lucy's death is one of the mysteries scientists want to explore during the past 42 years. To this day, that has been answered.

According to American scientists, Lucy died of falling trees . They said that 40% of Lucy's bones were found in the area covered by the tree, which could indicate that the tree was Lucy's last "park" before dying.

Picture 2 of Find out the cause of Lucy's death
The fossil skeleton of ancient gibbon was determined by scientists to be found 40%.

After the bone scan, the scientists said her left shoulder, pelvis, ankle and right knee were crumbled. Especially the broken arm bone due to strong impact, the scientists and bone specialists all said Lucy fell from a height of more than 10 meters.

This is also partly suggestive of the assumption that humans at that time had signs of walking with their feet rather than climbing, thus falling into an accident. It was this accident that led to Lucy's death.

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