How to boil vegetables to ensure nutrition?

Put a little salt in a pot of water, heat a big fire until it boils and then boil the vegetables, you will keep the maximum nutrition for the dish.

Put a little salt in a pot of water, heat a big fire until it boils and then boil the vegetables, you will keep the maximum nutrition for the dish.

Boiled vegetables are considered by many to be one of the simple cooking jobs. You just need to clean the vegetables, put them in boiling water and wait for the vegetables to be finished. However, the truth is that we need more skills, such as how to clean vegetables, whether to cover the pot when boiling vegetables or not, how to keep vegetables flavor, color and value. most nutritious during boiling, .

According to nutrition experts, vegetables are an important part of the diet, providing many nutrients, especially vitamins and antioxidants. However, when boiled vegetables the vitamin C, B1 and folate are absorbed into the water. The longer the vegetable is exposed to heat, the more vitamin will lose. Especially cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, broccoli can lose more than 50% of antioxidants when boiled.

As a general rule, when boiling vegetables, it is best to keep the cooking time , the temperature and the amount of liquid to a minimum to keep the vegetables nutritious. That's why steaming is one of the best ways to cook for most vegetables.

With fruits such as carrots, potatoes, kohlrabi . should be sliced ​​into small pieces, the smaller the better, the faster time to ripen. When the food will lose less nutrients, it will keep the crispness. The size of the pieces should be evenly sliced ​​for evenness.

When washing vegetables, you should not rub the vegetables too hard but gently wash with clean water. After washing, do not leave vegetables too long before boiling, as this will lose freshness. It is recommended to boil water then add vegetables, not to add vegetables with cold water at the beginning, vegetables will lose more nutrients. You need to boil water with a very big flame, so that the old boiling water is fresh for the vegetables.

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You should boil small fire vegetables, add salt to boiling water so that vegetables can stay green.

Many people wonder about the question whether or not to cover the area when cooking vegetables. Studies show that opening a cup when cooking will keep vegetables fresh. If the lid is closed, the acids and chlorophyll in the vegetable react to the boiling water, the vegetable will lose color. However, when the lid is opened, the vegetables will be more mature, thereby losing more nutrients.

So, to keep the vegetables fresh and keep a lot of nutrients, you can add a teaspoon of salt to boiling water and cover the lid tightly before putting the vegetables in the boil . Salt has kept the green color of vegetables, while reducing the amount of vitamins in vegetables than when opening the lid. They also increase the flavor of vegetables, when eaten and delicious.

Taste when vegetables are medium and don't let them boil for too long. Eat all the vegetables as soon as you are hot. Eating cold vegetables will lose a significant amount of vitamins. Especially do not leave vegetables overnight .

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