Human civilization may end in 2050

The new report from the National Breakthrough Climate Recovery Center in Melbourne (Australia) warns that with the current pace of climate change, the earth will suffer a global ecological collapse by 2050.

Scientists calculate that if greenhouse gas emissions are not better controlled, by 2030 global greenhouse gas emissions will peak. Consequently, by 2050, the Earth will warm up 3 degrees C.

Picture 1 of Human civilization may end in 2050
Earth will become "dead planet", human civilization will collapse in the next few decades if climate change is not blocked - (photo: SHUTTERSTOCK).

That small number of figures will mark the collapse of the Amazon, Arctic, coral reef systems in the world . In tropical regions, the deadly temperature conditions will survive at least. 100 days per year. The frequency of extreme weather events such as heat waves, floods and storms will increase dramatically.

To survive, people in areas such as West Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East are forced to migrate to the temperate zone. In addition, many low-lying coastal countries are at risk of being partially or completely removed from the world map. Not to mention, this change makes the areas of cultivation still reduced to 1/5 of crop productivity. This will cause a global food crisis.

The great migration, food crisis, energy crisis . can cause many epidemics and wars, causing chaos in all social order and finally, the civilization that humanity has persevered to build. erected so long completely collapsed.

Worse, the Earth will heat up to 5 degrees Celsius by 2100 and may gradually become an uninhabitable planet for humans and many other existing organisms.

"Even when heating up only 2 degrees Celsius, more than 1 billion people may need to migrate," wrote lead author David Spratt, research director of Breakthrough.

The authors stressed that in order to minimize this risk, a large global resource is needed to build a zero-emissions industrial system and have a safe climate recovery measure.

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