Jurassic fossils discovered Jurassic sea 10m long

Paleontologists found a 150 million-year-old fossil of a giant predator sea reptile in southern Poland.

Picture 1 of Jurassic fossils discovered Jurassic sea 10m long
Sea monster Pliosaur hunts lizard heads snake.(Graphic: Fox News)

The remains of a Pliosaur , a terrifying sea creature living in the Jurassic, were unearthed in a cornfield in the village of Krzyzanowice, near the Swietokrzyskie Mountains, in southeastern Poland. With a length of over 10m and weighing several tons, they were one of the largest predatory marine animals of the time.

"Pliosaurs have large, strong skulls and strong jaws with sharp teeth. They have four fins in the form of fins," said paleontologist Daniel Tyborowski, the team of the team.

This is the first fossil of this prehistoric sea monster to be found in Poland. In addition to Pliosaur, the team also found remains of sea turtles, snakehead lizards and an ancient 6-meter-long crocodile.

"Sea turtles eat large slugs but have become prey to ancient crocodiles and sea lizards. We have found their teeth marks on the shells of the turtles. Meanwhile, Pliosaur hunts down all the animals." we found at this site. They are powerful predators, " Tyborowski said.

The discovery at Krzyzanowice is just the beginning. Archaeologists hope to discover more fossils of giant sea reptiles in the years to come here. The research was published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the Geologists' Association .

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