More than 200,000 people want to settle in Mars

Citizens of 140 countries around the world want to go to Mars, hoping to create the first human settlements on the planet.

>>>100,000 people registered on Mars

The organizer said 202,586 people have posted videos explaining why they want to be selected for this $ 6 billion project. To compensate for this funding, organizers plan to create a grand media event like the Olympic Games.

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Mars will become a human settlement.(Photo:

Paul Romer, the ambassador of this project, said the mission to Mars could be the largest media event in the world.

According to organizers, the Martian settlements will tell us a lot about the origin of solar energy, the origin of life and our place in the vast universe. According to the project's website, the move to Mars can only be done one way because the conditions of takeoff to Earth from the red planet are not available and require too high funding.

Dutch businessman Bas Lansdorp, the project's sponsor, said the individuals they seek to go to Mars must be healthy, intelligent and have the skills necessary to work in groups.

Among the candidates, there were 47,654 people from the US and 8,497 Britons. All candidates must overcome four challenges. The fourth round will be an international competition for candidates and only four will be chosen to be the first to settle on the red planet in 2023.

The project aims to build a group of four people from different continents to live and train together for a period of seven years before the first manned ship to Mars came out in 2022.

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