Mysterious people dressed in black protect the aliens

3 men dressed in mysterious black often appear whenever someone sees an alien and persuades the person to see that it's not true.

"Men in Black" or people dressed in black are the image of characters who have been appearing in the world with many strange anecdotes.

In the 20th century, when UFOs and aliens appeared everywhere in the world, there were rumors of the appearance of men dressed in black considered as guardians for people. alien when constantly coming to threaten witnesses to see UFOs and ban them from being revealed to outside.

They appear very quickly as soon as there is information that someone encounters strange flying objects and is almost immediately present.

Picture 1 of Mysterious people dressed in black protect the aliens
Black-clad people often appear as soon as someone sees a UFO.

The appearance of these men in black is also very mysterious. Sometimes they are told they look like normal people but sometimes become a person nearly 2 meters tall. Their eyes emitted a strange light that made them always wear sunglasses. They often appear with groups of 3 people, wearing black suits on brand-new Cadillacs . Often claiming to be people of the government but behaving unlike people.

The first person to mention the appearance of the men in black was a UFO researcher named Albert Bender .

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UFO researcher - Albert Bender.

In 1953, Bender shocked the public by revealing that three men in black suits came and warned him not to disclose further information about aliens.

Later, Bender also stopped publishing information about his UFO in the press as a threat of people in black but did not provide any evidence to prove his story.

A decade later Bender released a book about meeting these mysterious guests and asserting that the men in black were aliens who didn't want anyone to know their existence.

Another witness, Ivan Sanderson, recounted the story in 'Uninvited Visitors' that also described a visitor wearing a black shirt 'taller than 2 meters tall, with a small, unusually white head, looking very scary'.

The strange visitor said he was an insurance investigator. The other guest asked a lot about family privacy issues. He did not mention UFO. Scary points in the narration of the girl. The girl recounted that from the guest's pants, a stream of blue water flowed out. She did not know what that was. After asking, the other guest left. He went into a big, black car. Inside were two other men in black, waiting.

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People dressed in black are described with a 2m tall figure, eyes that emit a strange light.

In 1965, a witness named Heflin claimed that he had taken a picture of a UFO in the sky of California. Faced with similar incidents that happened repeatedly, the US Air Force decided to take part. But Heflin said the original photos were given to a man claiming to be a representative of the North American Air Defense. The agency later confirmed that it had never sent anyone on this mission.

According to eyewitness accounts, black men did not have the brainwashing equipment as rumored, nor did they make UFO-sighted people forget what they saw.

They only use measures like threats, convincing that what the witnesses see about UFOs is not real.

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The men in black were once suspected to be CIA agents.

There has been a theory that people in black are CIA employees. However, there has been no evidence of any connection between this government organization and mysterious black men. In fact, the CIA has always been a follower of the men in black in dealing with UFO problems.

Because of the mysterious whereabouts of people dressed in black, people gradually fabricated that these were aliens who came to prevent revealing their identity. But one thing is special that they do not harm people.

Later, when UFO cases were no longer detected as often as before, it meant that people in black also disappeared.

The story of the mysterious black men was later adapted by Hollywood filmmakers into the famous film of the same name 'Men in Black' with the content of government employees tasked with brainwashing people. see UFO.

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