Mysterious skinhead monster in Japanese legend

The big black head of the sudden sea monster emerged from the ocean floor, submerging your boat if you accidentally disturbed them.

Mystery about Japanese Umibozu skinhead monster

The sailors in Japanese waters have long passed on the story of a terrifying sea monster named Umibozu.

This creature often appears suddenly from a previously peaceful water area and shows no signs of danger.

If the sailors accidentally sailed into the area where the Umibozu lived and disturbed them, then from below the water - large black heads would appear, shaking the boat vigorously.

At its size, its height reached tens of meters - the terrifying power of Umibozu was enough to break a ship, pulling all the crew down into the deep ocean.

From the legend stories about the water monster Umibozu .

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Umibozu in Japanese means a 'monk at sea'. This name comes from the shape of a giant round, smooth head of a sea monster.

Many sources said that Umibozu is the embodiment of the souls of drowned dentists. This is also consistent with the appearance of their appearance: a skinhead with a prayer posture.

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Umibozu is portrayed to be extremely monstrous.

Umibozu is often described as having a gray body, a round head with large eyes. The lower part of the body is like a cloud, and the limbs are twisted like giant snakes. Not only that, they are described as having an extremely peculiar personality.

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In addition to the classic shape above, this sea monster also has the ability to disguise as many other forms such as a sperm whale or even a beautiful woman to entice the sailors to join the water, then engulf them.

Besides, many texts in some other areas of Japan also recorded encounters with Umibozu. In particular, in the Kansei period (1789-1801), a recorded document reported that the water monster Umibozu floated on the surface of the sea for three consecutive days before sinking.

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Or in the 21st year when Emperor Emperor Meiji (1888), Miyako Shinbun reported that a person who saw a strange creature was about 2.4 meters long. This creature has a light brown color, orange eyes, a crocodile-like mouth, a shrimp-like tail and sounds like a cow.

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And yet, the most recent report was in Mainichi Shinbun in 1971, referring to a tuna fishing boat near New Zealand while dragging its fruits, a giant creature emerged from the deep sea. This creature is described as brown, wrinkled skin, with a diameter of about 15cm.

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However, since only a part of the body floats on the surface of the water, the rest is hidden under the seawater so the fishermen estimate that the submerged body may be larger than any other animal known on the Left. land.

. and explanation from scientists

Most scientists think that Umibozu is a misunderstanding of people for the appearance of some natural phenomena or giant marine life.

Many scientists believe that the shape of 'Thunderhead' - a layer of dark clouds overlapping each other when a thunderstorm emerges from the sea - is a suggestion for the giant's head.

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In addition, in the early 1850s, Danish zoologist Japetus Steenstrup hypothesized that U mibozu is a giant squid whose scientific name is Architeuthis.

According to him, the head of the squid may have been mistaken for the monk's head, while the giant tentacles were the monster's hands and tails.

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Umibozu is most likely a giant squid.(illustration).

This hypothesis is actually quite reasonable, because the giant squid (about 10 - 13m in size) is often found in Japanese waters. At the same time, its appearance is quite similar to the description of Umibozu - like having a 'twisty' arm and the size of a monster.

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Some other opinions suggest that Umibozu is actually the umbrella part of the giant jellyfish that emerges abruptly from the sea floor. However, this species is incapable of attacking ships, so not many people believe this explanation.

The most recent candidate that scientists suspect is a rare natural phenomenon called 'monster wave'. In essence, they are large waves and appear unexpectedly on the surface of the ocean, capable of easily sinking large ships.

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Recently discovered 'monster waves' are considered as potential candidates for the image of the water monster Umibozu.

This natural phenomenon was previously considered a legend until the fact was recorded in 1995 off the coast of Norway. According to experts, the characteristics of 'monster waves' are very consistent with the Japanese legend of Umibozu.

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With the arguments given by the scientists, is it possible to convince you that Umibozu is just a sea monster created by human imagination? Or you still insist that, somewhere in the ocean floor there are still giant ghosts, ready to sink any bad boats that bother them. The answer completely belongs to you.

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