Mysterious 'underwater tornado' phenomenon off the coast of Australia

When explorers from the Schmidt Aquarium conducted a remote expedition near the Moore Reef off the Australian coast , they came across an unusual phenomenon, the 'underwater tornado'.

Picture 1 of Mysterious 'underwater tornado' phenomenon off the coast of Australia
Strange tornado image under the sea.

The explorers were surprised at the mysterious appearance of this phenomenon because they did not know where it was created.

"It's amazing. I've never seen this," one of the explorers said in a live video recorded while on a remote expedition.

Dr. Robin Beaman, an Australian geologist, who also took part in a remote expedition, has named this phenomenon the underwater whirlwind.

The Schmidt Oceanographic Institute later commented on the unusual finding and suggested that the cause was most likely caused by their remote-control expedition robot. However, some people do not really believe in this view and are still very curious to find other solutions.

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