Old city of Timgad (Algeria)

Timgad is the present name of the Roman city of Thaugadi founded by the Roman Emperor Trajan in 100 AD for the purpose of military defense in the north of the Aures Mountains.

Picture 1 of Old city of Timgad (Algeria)

Theater in Timgad

After the Vandate invasion in the fifth century, the city was destroyed by the Aures mountains, then resurrected in the sixth century under Byzance's occupation before being abandoned for about 100 years.

Since 1880, archaeological excavations have uncovered the remains of a city built according to the strict rules of Roman urban planning school at its peak with public buildings. Features such as halls, Capitole, theaters, baths, temples, markets and public libraries. Traces of churches show that Christianity was transmitted to Timgad in the third century.

The preservation and introduction of this site poses a number of issues: The gender identity of the site must be accurately determined, taking into account the uncompleted parts. In order to protect the beautiful puzzle pieces in some houses before the temperature difference, it was decided to move the most important pieces into the ruins' museum. Local authorities have held music and theater festivals annually in Timgad, but performances that could damage the old theater have been suspended.Timgad is listed in the World Heritage List in 1982.

Picture 2 of Old city of Timgad (Algeria)


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